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The company was founded in 1988 and began in the industrial water treatment industry providing non-chemical treatment of boilers, cooling towers and various other industrial applications.  The business expanded in 1992 into residential water treatment and even though the company still services industrial accounts, the main focus today is the residential market.  As clean, safe water in the home has become increasingly more important to the homeowner and the awareness of the problems in our drinking water supply has become more evident, many have taken the steps necessary to protect their family.  This is evidenced by the increase in sales of bottled drinking water and the proliferation of home drinking water delivery services.

WaterServ specializes in the Removal of Minerals, Correction of pH, the Filtration of Sulphur, Iron, Methane, Manganese and Heavy Metals like Lead and Arsenic.   The Processing of high quality drinking water for the  homeowner has proven to be a cost effective and environmentally responsible alternative to purchasing bottled water, since water can be processed in the home to a higher standard than most of the ?bottled water" for just pennies per gallon. 
Located in Hughesville, just east of Williamsport, PA, WaterServ is dedicated to fixing problem water and providing quality drinkng water to families in the north-central part of Pennsylvania.
Office Located at 29 S. Main Street Hughesville, PA

29 South Main Street Hughesville, PA